Enjoy the wide range of nearby recreational activities from forest walks, hikes, canoeing and much more.

Explore the beautiful Münsterland by bike. On request, you can always get a rental bike from us to explore the surrounding area on your own. Relax with a walk along the Dortmund Ems Canal (only 10 minutes walk from us) with an active and interesting inland navigation.

Münster City

Stroll through the city past the old fish market under the arches of Prinzipalmarkt past individual stores with a view of the famous landmarks such as the historic city hall, Lambertikirche and the beautiful gabled houses.

Visit the St. Paulus Cathedral from the 13th century or the various renowned museums such as the Pablo Picasso Museum or the City Museum, walk via Drubbel and Spiekerhof through the notorious Kuhviertel to the baroque Prince Bishop’s Palace which is now used by the University of Münster and take a walk through the botanical garden, to the Aasee.

Alternatively, the Promenade, Münster’s green belt, offers you the opportunity to circle the city center, to experience adjacent districts and to get to know the cycling mentality of the people of Münster.

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Within 10 minutes by bike you are at the most innovative part of Münster, the harbor. Here, over the decades, a freight transhipment point has developed into a creative quay. The mixture of converted warehouses and modern architecture has ensured that office buildings, art, culture, restaurants and bars have settled to the left and right of the harbor basin.

Surrounding Area

Münster and the surrounding area offer numerous sights, best approachable by bike, famous tours are the 100 castles route with the castle Nordkirchen, castle Vischering or the moated castle of Steinfurt. But also the Peace Route, the Dortmund-Ems Canal or the Werseradweg invite you to get to know the Münsterland.

Events in Münster

Art and culture, festivals, celebrations and parties: Münster has a lot to offer in terms of exciting events! We love the city’s lively event scene and have linked you to some particularly interesting tips for going out.